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We want to thank the entire Colombian and not Colombian communities or making Colombian Delicatessen “a small corner of all and for all”. Who said than Colombians do not love ourselves? If we are all together and with your help we grow every day.

Thank you Colombian brothers!!

We are very grateful for the generous collaboration of Montalvan’s Sales, Mi Colombia Mia, our great friend Esperanza with the Goya products, Nelsiton from “El Portal Bakery”, to “mi negro lindo” Justy, doña Rosario with her delicious arepas and all the people who in one way or another helped to make Colombian Delicatessen is now the most visited place across the Colombian community in Lawndale, California.

So now you know dear friends, if you have not visited Colombian Delicatessen in Lawndale, California come and find the most diverse Colombian products like flour (sour cream, cheese bread, bunoelina, sour starch, cassava flour, puramasa), threshing corn, seasonings (triguisar, sancocho “el rey”, ajiaco, lentils), achiote, granulated Kola, Alpina and Algarra products, Ducales cookies, guava candy, Colombian sodas, pandebono, MILO, custard with brown sugar, Colombian PETO, marinade wines, flour crullers and many more…



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  • DessertsFlour
  • Productos Alpina
  • Gaseosa Colombiana
  • Merieda/Snacks
  • Cornmeal
  • Drink Mix
  • Bocadillos
  • y mucho más...

Store Hours:

Monday to Saturday:

11:00am – 7:00pm